Winged butterfly wild woman.

(This little Linocut, which I made long ago, tells the human story of suffering in a world of infinite possibilities. The dream of the sensuous body opened the door to profound participation in a new reality that emerged when the sun (logos) went underground and changed places with dreams of emergence). Every day, a new […]

A Collage of beautiful lives

Feet, what do I need you for when I have wings to fly”. Frida Kahlo The most beautiful paths meander through the darkest shadows, where we grow feathers when our legs buckle, bend and collapse. It was a ringing blue Swartberg Mountain day, clear as a bell. I felt that I was known to these […]

Humankind’s Coming into Awareness

Louisa Punt-Fouche – Chapter 4 in White Berries, Green Flowers ( In print) Oh, heaven above me, you pure and deep thing! You abyss of light! Looking at you, I shudder with divine desire. To throw myself into your height – that is my depth! To hide myself in your purity – that is my […]