Carrying Sand to The River




Louisa writes in the prologue of Carrying Sand to the River,
Will there be a dawn for man? I look through the window in the early dawning light and see the long, brave stalks of the Agapanthus shooting up towards the sky, the still half-closed tender bulbs that will emerge as deep purple flowers of everchanging life, coming and going. However, when awake, I know that the individual (meaning ‘one and indivisible, inseparable’) is set against the world because it is difficult to accept that what there seems to be is all there is.

Many courageous individuals are awake and alert, expressing their deep concern about the harm we are causing to ourselves. These individuals include poets, artists, innovators, explorers, alchemists, and those who don’t sleep. They use a universal language (meta-language) that is simple, all-encompassing, open, and transparent to question, reflect, and build bridges to communicate their experiences to others.

Sometimes, I am awakened in the middle of the night and take a solitary walk in my inner palace or world space. No law controls my perceptions; I can feel, listen, and remember freely. I know that to survive in a sleeping world, I need to be a poet, a frontier person, and an intelligent warrior.

Die natuur en menslike patrone word spieëls van die oneindige paradoks, verweef tot een bestaan in die klein silwer venster van lewe. Die woorde vleg hortend en stotend deur die wêreld van ﹸn wese (kindmanvroudier-kantloper), wat lewe op die rand/kant van bestaan – knie sinesteties betekenisse deur neologismes, pouses en ritmes, wat die simbiotiese deeg van bestaan laat uitrys – tot ﹸn tintelende momentele aanvoeling van woorde wat die verlede insluk en dan groeiend muteer en individueer tot ’n ewige-veranderende, tog diafaniese ewigheidsbegrip, soos wanneer kleure en teksture deurskyn op ragfyn ryspapier.

Louisa explains that the Kantloper has been present in her life in various forms of consciousness. Only recently has she been able to see beyond these structures and perceive the timeless and spaceless presence of the present moment. This process is not linear but consists of broken waves of “becoming”. The Kantloper is a translucent and delicate phenomenon that shines through lace-like lattices of interconnections in a spherical mandala composition in motion.

Louisa discovered the language of Jean Gebser, who alludes to an integral world-space that is timeless, spaceless, translucent, open and whole. Gebser’s description of the “diaphanon” refers to the Kantloper. The Kantloper is a consciousness of the whole, embracing the distant past and the approaching future as the living present in a transparent awareness within the spherical diamond mandala. (From “Carrying Sand to the River”)


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