Daar is Kewers in my Ruggraat




This is a true story.

The book is a diary of a woman’s journey with ulterior motives. Many life stories, patterns of being, thoughts, images and metaphors are intertwined in a web of hundreds of silk threads held together by sensitivity. Behind a hospital door, a black woman is in the middle. It is a story about pain and morphine; it is a story about a woman who lived too long. There is no real ending, just another open door as life unfolds in its most painful and inexpressible way.

Extract from interview with Prem Moodaley about the Black Madonna
(Sacred Feminism) https://www.sacredfeminism64.com/author/admin1/

Your art has encompassed powerful feminine archetypes.  You wrote an Afrikaans book, “In Conversation with the Black Madonna.” – Who is the Black Madonna, and what would Her message be for women today?

The Black Madonna embodies the Mother Archetype as an alchemical vessel, a holding space and a uterus, in which life forms are born and dissolved. [The science of alchemy can be regarded as a metaphor for the psychological processes of change and transformation in the movement towards individuation (Jungian concept about realise the Self) or enlightenment (Buddhist understanding of waking up to what we already know about the true nature of reality)].


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