Karoo Pilgrimage




Have we forgotten that the Karoo
Is not a place or space
But a pattern of the soul
That bows to the sun and the stars
And the thousand things out there?

The book Karoo Pilgrimage is a poetic unfolding in a fusion of words and images, crossing and exploring the horizons of the known and familiar, the edge of things. This inner movement leads to the realisation of harmony in the depth of our being and wholeness. The motif of Karoo Pilgrimage is the exploration of a forever-changing awareness of emphatic interconnectedness.

How to find the yellow road to the interior,
the golden path to the music of the natural world,
the textures of feeling in the broken baroque of twigs,
the feminine mystique in the secrets of the valley,
the bubbles in dreams – images that disappear at dawn,
the idle shadows of the past and future etched into the rocks of the mountain,
the mirror of the sky cradling order and chaos,
the flighty thoughts of the stammering artist
– bounded in boundlessness on the mirror of the inexpressible?



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