Rarest Riverine Rabbit




These illustrations in Rarest Riverine Rabbit lead us with words and images past the gates of everyday forgetting to meet and rediscover the almost extinct Riverine Rabbit on a farm in the Swartberg Mountains in the Karoo region of South Africa. The story is woven with words and images that stir awareness about the plight of the Riverine Rabbit in a quest to aid its conservation.

There once was a soft
and gentle path
meandering through the mountain
it crossed the riverbed many times –
then, a man came along
who sang another song –
he wanted a big road
for his fancy abode
woe! The rare riverine rabbit cried
our home, our life denied.
The monster machine chewed the riverbanks
and gobbled the mountainside
they fled and fought for their lives –
although almost everyone died


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