(This little Linocut, which I made long ago, tells the human story of suffering in a world of infinite possibilities. The dream of the sensuous body opened the door to profound participation in a new reality that emerged when the sun (logos) went underground and changed places with dreams of emergence).

Every day, a new reality emerges as her past and future become transparent and integrated into the present moment. This reality shimmers with the delight of seeing. The wild woman with wings on her hips flies just above the earth, her toes barely touching the ground.

Long ago, she lost mobility, and her body became sluggish, allowing only small and slow movements. However, she dreamed that the most beautiful wings were growing on her hips, shimmering in gold. Most nights, she dreamt of flying, finally free from the experience of loss and pain, moving fast just above the ground. The wind became her best friend, and the rustic nutmeg fragrance of the wildflowers caressed her winged body.

The joy of movement was glorious in her dreams, which secretly visited her in the daytime, too. She moved with acceptance, tasting the sweetness of Grace.

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